"You don't know me, but I need your help!"

Thus begins one of the most unique and absorbing exchanges ever recorded. A celebration of friendship, love and deceit that at times reads like a thriller of epic proportion, at other times like a labyrinth of the soul: twisted and deceptive from within, but simple and clear once you’ve found your way through to the heart.



Free Verse

There is no such thing.

All verse is created out of


Like the need to vomit

After a long night of


A combination of poetry, philosophy, humor, psychology, physics and Zen Buddhism "I'm O.K. Doc." is truly a tribute to the human spirit and radical postmodernism. This work may well go down in history as the only one of its kind.

This is a unique collection of poems, songs, thoughts and ideas. In essence, it is an autobiography in verses that spans three decades and lets you be privy to the growth and development of the identity and voice of a poet-in-the-making. As such it can be seen as an act of disrobing, layer by layer, that allows us to witness a soul unfolding, in its vulnerabilities as well as in its resiliency. We are permitted glimpses of the events transpiring in the poet's personal life and his environment while simultaneously touching upon universal themes, those that resonate in us all.